We have created one short video to show you how to automate a traditional technique where you combine a travelling movement with a focus pulling.

We are going to create a short time-lapse where ZenSlider moves the camera rig and ZenFocus slowly moves the focus ring from a close focusing position to infinity.

Each time-lapse take had a duration of 18 minutes. That was the time that ZenSlider moved the camera rig.

On the other hand, we engaged ZenFocus to the focus ring of the Canon EF 17-40L f4 lens and programmed a movement from around 0.4 meter mark position to infinity during 8 minutes.

ZenSlider intervalometer was set to 2 second interval. For the shots to have some motion blur in that sunny day we used a quality B+W x1000 neutral density filter to get 1 second exposure time.

Finally, we place a GoPro camera in the top of the Sony A7s cage to have some BTS footage.

The resulting video is just a sample of what can be achieved with ZenFocus and ZenSlider.