In our previous post we learned how to use ZenFocus to create unique effect of the most distant stars.

Now we are going to see how to create another interesting effect of the smallest objects we can photograph.

Lets move from astro to macro photography.

Macro photographs have normally shallow depth of field, and the focus-stack technique combines multiple images taken at different focus distances to give a resulting image with a greater depth of field (check wikipedia for full details).

What makes ZenFocus is automate that change of the focus plane moving the focus ring of your lens.

And remember that ZenFocus is lens and camera model agnostic, so it works in any camera model and lens without the need of any attachments or accesories.

In the video you can see several ways that can be used in ZenController to get the image sequences needed for the next step.

After capturing your photos, you have to use a software to stack the single shallow focus image to create a final picture with a wide depth of field.

For our video we have used Helicon Focus, that has a fully functional 30-day trial. Default rendering methods and parameters are used, but better results can be achieved with tweaking those parameters.

Below you will find 4 samples of the narrow depth of field photo sequence (full sequence consist between 20 to 40 pics) followed by the final image fully focused.

4 Anis estrellado






4 Oregano