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To charge the lithium battery, connect the charger and SWITCH ON the battery.

ZenSlider Mounting Instructions

Download ZenSlider Mounting Instructions

ZenController Operation Modes

Details about the different operation modes available in ZenController.

Download Operation Modes

ZenController Firmware update (v1.80)

Installation of FTDI driver

In order your computer to recognize ZenController, you have to install a driver. This installation has to be made only once, and not needed for future firmware updates from the same computer.

Download and install FTDI driver for Windows.

Download and install FTDI driver for OS X.

Updating firmware in OSX

1- Disconnect power from ZenController and connect it via USB to your computer

2- Download Firmware Updater.

3- In your Downloads folder a file with name will appear. Uncompress by double-clicking on it. A new file will appear with the name FirmwareUpdater.pkg. Execute and follow the instructions.

Updating firmware in Windows

1- Disconnect power from ZenController and connect it via USB to your computer

2- Download and uncompress this firmware updater tool.

3- Save to your HD the latest firmware.

4- Launch XLoader application and select the firmware file. Choose 115200 baud rate and the COM port from the drop down list.

6- Click upload. If all was ok, after a while, an OK message should appear.

Firmware 1.80 Release Notes

  • Continous selection of inteval duration. TimeLapse and TimeLapsePro modes.
  • Longest duration interval is now 60 seconds. TimeLapse and TimeLapsePro modes.
  • Corrected a bug that showed incorrect calculation of sequence duration. TimeLapsePro Mode. [0]
  • Added Brake and Release Brake functions. Now, when going out of a mode, the motor remains braked, and you have to manually Release Brake. That is important when working vertically. Before this function, when exiting any operation mode, the motor disengaged that can lead to a fall of the moving base and camera if working vertically.

[0] This calculation assumes a 1 meter long slider. Next firmware version will have a parameter in Configuration mode to personalize the lenght of your slider


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