We went to a mountain location one night of november to shot some timelapses with ZenSlider under full-moon.
Although the windy weather, ZenSlider performed well and the weight of the Canon CN-E Cinema Prime Lens was no problem for ZenSlider load capacity.

Canon CN-E Cinema Prime Lens with ZenFocus

To test ZenFocus with this lenses we choose the crowded christmas weekend Madrid streets.
Due to the huge diameter of these lenses, we used a module 0.8 gear instead of the standard and universal closed belt.
The gear wheel performed really well because the Canon CN-E Cinema Prime has a tremendous focus throw, of almost 300º.
We engaged ZenFocus to the focus ring of Canon CN-E 14mm Cinema Prime lens and programmed a 7 minutes movement from the minimum distance of 0.2m to infinity.


Find the results in this little video