Today we want to introduce ZenFocus, our Zen family’s second product. ZenFocus is a motorized follow-focus very compact and simple to use that can be used with any lens without additional accessories. You can also control it with ZenSlider controller. You can find in the market 2 different kinds of motorized follow-focus. The one that transmit the rotation to the lens with a toothed pulley, that often need a accessory ring that is attached to the focus ring. The other family, like ZenFocus, moves the focus or zoom ring of the lens directly thanks to a belt.


ZenFocus attaches to a 15mm rod in the standard DSLR rigs. That makes possible to use any lens size and in a matter of seconds you can change the lens and reattach ZenFocus.

Easy of use

Insert ZenFocus in the rod, slide it to the focus or zoom ring, attach the belt and tighten the knob. Then just connect it to the ZenSlider controller and you have it ready to work.


Although pricing is not determined yet, we can advance that the ZenSlider users will have the opportunity to buy ZenFocus for less than 100€ and begin using it with the same controller. ZenFocus complete system will be less than 350€.


I have ZenSlider, do I have to invest in a complete ZenFocus system?

ZenSlider controllerNo, you can just buy the motor support and the belt. With the previously acquired ZenSlider controller and cable you will be able to use ZenFocus with very low investment.



Can I control both ZenSlider and ZenFocus simultaneously with one controller?

No. I you want to make a dolly-zoom effect, for example, moving ZenSlider and the zoom ring of your lens at the same time, you need 2 controllers. We are currently developing a controller capable of multiple motor movements.

Do I need a rod system to use ZenFocus?

DSLR Video Rail systemYes, you have to connect ZenFocus to a standard 15mm rod system, like the one in the photo. ZenFocus integrates smoothly with the DSLR Video rigs available in the market, like other DSLR video accessories like matte-boxes or external monitors.   In a couple of weeks we will have a small stock of machined and anodized ZenFocus ready to ship. We are also finishing the new firmware for the controller with the new FollowFocus mode. This mode will allow you to define focus points and travel duration between each focus or zoom positions. Check in the next weeks for more news.