ZenFocus is a motorized follow-focus and follow-zoom very compact and simple to use that can be attached to any lens without additional accessories.

It is programmed with the same controller as ZenSlider, making the best of your investment.

ZenFocus moves the focus or zoom ring of any lens with the help of a belt making it compatible with any lens.


ZenFocus attaches to a 15mm rod in the standard DSLR rigs. That makes possible to use any lens size and in a matter of seconds you can change the lens and reattach ZenFocus.

Easy to use

Insert ZenFocus in the rod, slide it to the focus or zoom ring, attach the belt and tighten the knob. Then just connect it to the ZenSlider controller and you have it ready to work.


  • Try the Dolly-Zoom effect combining a zoom movement with ZenFocus and a linear motion with ZenSlider. Emulate Alfred Hitchcock in your videos.
  • Automate your focus movements, with the duration you need and reproduce them over and over again. Include precise focusing motion in your next product macro shoots.
  • Create special astro-photography effects like spiral star-trails, or defocused star-trails in either photos or timelapses.
  • Engage ZenFocus to the focus ring and automate your focus-stacked photos or timelapses.

Imagine what can be done automating a focus and/or zoom movements and make them real with ZenFocus.