lightweight Motorized slider ZenSlider with Sony FS5 camera

ZenSlider, with just 3 lbs. 5 oz. (1.5Kg) for the 40 inch (1 meter) version, is the lightest motorized slider in the market. The use of lightweight anodized extruded aluminum makes it easy to travel with.

All the parts are CNC machined from high strength aluminum alloy with a black anodized finish.

Sliding elements are made of maintenance free Dupont™ Delrin, a high-performance plastic with a long life-cycle. No tradicional steel bearings are used.

Simple design, easy of use

Zen, as it is very easy to use and perfect for amateurs. While at the same time it provides more sophisticated features for expert hands. Motion controlled time-lapses have never been easier.

ZenSlider has different modes: Video, Video Pro, Time-Lapse, Time-Lapse Pro and Stop-Motion, offering you huge artistic freedom.

Video Mode

Continuous movement of ZenSlider. Change the speed and direction of movement in realtime.

Vide Pro Mode

As keyframes, mark the starting and final position of the camera and the duration of the movement. “Ping-pong” feature moves the camera constantly from one side to the other at the selected speed.

TimeLapse Mode

You only need to focus your camera. Then choose in ZenSlider the time interval between every photo and you are ready to start! .

TimeLapse Pro Mode

The most flexible mode. You can choose the time interval between photos and the sliding distance between shots. You will be able to control more acqurately the effect on the TimeLapse.

StopMotion Mode

Add dolly movement to your stop motion creation. As simple as defining the displacement between shoots. ZenSlider shoot and move to the next position each time you press the button.

ZenSlider features adjustable and removable legs to use without tripods as well as various standardized threads for any mounting option.


The slider for everyone. No need to make a large investment to introduce motion control in your videos or time-lapses. Our modular design also allows you to make the most of your money by leveraging the previous Zen family products.
This is the case of ZenFocus, our latest release. A motorized follow-focus that can be used with the same controller as ZenSlider.

Check ZenSlider in action in the following video:


Length of the rail:

75cm, 100 cm or customised up to 2 meters long.


Less than 1.7 kg with a 100 cm long rail.

Maximum horizontal load:

Over 7 kg in horizontal. Up to 2 Kg in vertical.


Black anodised aluminium for higher resistance.


DC 12 volts. Any 12 volt Li-ion or lead battery or. On the studio you can use any 12 volt power supply.


Connection of camera to ZenSlider platform with a standard 3/8 “or 1/4″ thread. Optional Adjustable legs, no need to use tripod. 1/4” thread at the bottom of the rail to use it with 1 or 2 tripods.

For customised rail length up to 4 meter, ask for price. If you need more information or would like to acquire your ZenSlider, please send us a mail to